Once upon a time. There was a princess named Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze. She is a fancy princess who lives by herself in her own small sugar cookie castle. But something bad started to happened. Someone evil broken into her home when she was taking a nap. The evil person was named Misty Mysterious. She was an evil mysterious person that everyone thought she was a myth. But she stole everything she loved from her castle. Even her pet mouse. She then woke up and notice everything she loved was gone. She started to cry. She noticed that her door was opened. And she saw foot steps. Leading to a scary forest. She was sew scared. She then found a wood cutter. She talked to the wood cutter if he saw something run with some stuff with a mouse. The wood cutter said YES! The wood cutter led Fancy to the mysterious person. They both broke into the mysterious person's house. Fancy saw all of her stuff in a corner and her mouse in a cage. The mysterious person started to laugh. Fancy took her icing bag umbreilla out of her pocket. The mysterious person took her wand out. The person with the wand tried to kill the wood cutter until Fancy beat the mysterious person to death. She got all of her stuff back and took her mouse out of the cage. The wood cutter and Fancy knew they were right for each other. The wood cutter revealed his name. His real name is Forest Evergreen. After a week later they both got married and Forest became a prince. And they both lived in a bigger castle. 

The End! 

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